The Marketing Process

Elevating Your Service, Accelerating Your Sale

Garnering the most interest in the quickest amount of time with an effective marketing process.


Pricing Your Property

The first step to the marketing process, our Comparative Market Analysis compares your property to similar homes in the same vicinity to calculate its fair market value.


Setting The Stage

Sellers are rewarded with higher returns when they stage their home to the public. Before your house is shown, we’ll help you strengthen buyer reception – with a complimentary staging analysis and a list of recommended enhancements.


Realtor Outreach

Making other agents aware and interested in your property is one of our immediate objectives once your home is listed. Using targeted outreach, personal delivery, and networking opportunities, we expose your property to the right realtors. At National Properties, we’re ready and willing to flex our networking muscle to make sure that your home gets seen by the widest possible audience of established agents.

marketing process

Direct Marketing

Targeted campaigns include full-color property postcard mailings to area homeowners and select neighborhoods; as well as thoughtfully specific contacts including past clients, leading agents, qualified buyers, and investors. We put a tremendous amount of care and thought into tailoring each property’s individual campaign to the best and most finely targeted audience possible. Where a larger real estate company would simply bulk mail and hope for the best, we artfully craft our direct marketing after understanding your property inside and out.

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