Spring Cleaning Tips

If you live in California, winter may have lasted all of 2 weeks before we got back to warm temperatures, and dry weather. Still, the official start of spring is just around the corner, and with it should come a few routine housekeeping tasks:

  • Replace the batteries in your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors: Of course they seem like the annoying sounds of a burnt dinner, but these devices are crucial part of your home’s safety comes in these, so why skip the 15-20 minutes it would take to make sure that your batteries are fresh and they are ready to go should an emergency occur.
  • Clear out the refrigerator: Old and forgotten food is easy to miss when you’re constantly in a hurry, and as a result could build up some unpleasant smells, so take some time to really go through your refrigerator and throw out moldy or old food. Also, mix up a bowl of warm water and a mild detergent, and scrub out the surfaces of minor spills and old food buildup to keep your refrigerator, and kitchen smelling fresh.
  • Clean the walls and ceilings: At times it may seem trivial, but taking a damp cloth and scrubbing out dust, and dirt from the walls and ceilings can keep your home bright and help you avoid any nasty streaks or smears that can appear.
  • Scan your walls for any cracked or peeling paint: A small bump here, a tiny scratch there, on the surface, these are easy to overlook, but with time they can become a real problem. Take a quick walkthrough of your house and see what areas can be touched up. You’d be surprised to see what a nasty little dent that brush with the door caused when you were moving a chair out of the office. Most of the time a little putty and some touch-up paint is all you need to cover them up and get those walls looking as good as new.
  • Clean and repair screens: Nothing keeps your house feeling fresh during those warmer months like opening a few windows and letting a nice breeze in. Soak a washcloth in some water and soap and gently scrub off any dust that may have accumulated over the cold winter. You don’t want those breezes kicking around dust and getting your allergies going.