Selling Strategies

Innovative and Progressive

Focused distribution channels and strategic partnerships across the internet

A thoughtful approach to broadcast options in print, digital and electronic media creates the most quality exposure for your home in today’s market. We monitor your home’s specific advertising and marketing campaign daily. We make adjustments when merited and stay on our proven course at all costs. We monitor your transaction contracts and addenda through an advanced system that gives you access and control from pre-listing to post-close. We are proud of the measures we have taken to execute one of the most advanced real estate processes in the country. Our hard work is your advantage in accelerating your sale and maximizing your price.


Social Media Outreach

We put your property in front of home buyers and prospects where they are spending their time and where they are most comfortable — social media. Utilizing an aggressive yet subtle broadcast approach across Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Twitter, and others, our properties are repeatedly and systematically exposed in high definition quality. We make it easy for people to share your listing with their friends, and actively encourage them to do so. No approach to selling strategies is complete without a thoughtful focus on social media outreach.


Internet Data Exchange

Using the most advanced digital information exchange services, National Properties proliferates your home’s particulars throughout MLS and other major agent search engines around the globe. Once we input your information into our IDX program, your home’s information and photography is instantly available on search engines and MLS systems internationally.

Placement and Positioning

Creating genuine interest for your property by preparing the best marketing plan available

Positioning your listing on marketing websites that bring in the most traffic will help drive and engage the most interest and activity. This is crucial to maximizing your home’s value. We don’t simply post yard signs and move on from our sellers: we strategize daily on your behalf to discover innovative ways of best positioning your home for sale. Nothing is left to chance.

Control What You Can

Instead of being overwhelmed with what you cannot control, focus on the factors within your control to give yourself the best possible chance at success.


Factors Within Your Control

  • Your home’s attributes – Keep your front yard and driveway clean of debris. Make sure that your lawn is mowed and your yard is properly landscaped. Clear the inside of your home of any clutter that may make it look cramped or take away from your home’s stronger features.

  • The physical condition of your home – Patch up any holes in walls. Clean up any stains that may be sitting on your carpet. Repair any minor damage, such as broken doors or windows, cabinets, etc.

  • Access to your home – Just as you surely have a busy schedule, so do buyers. It is important to make sure that they can access your home in a timely manner throughout the day. Timing is everything when selling your home, and the longer a buyer goes between showings, more competing homes become available.

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