Selling Your Home: Marketing Photos


O-Marion-300x200 One question that is constantly asked by sellers is “How big of an impact do the photos have on selling my home?”

The answer is more than you think.

The property photos are the first real look at a home the buyer has. It is essentially, their first impression. A buyer can determine whether they want to see the home in person, which ultimately decides whether or not they put an offer in, based on the property photos.

This is why it is so important to “de-clutter” a home in advance. Each room should be picked up, vacuumed, and well organized ahead of time to ensure the best pictures possible. Make sure that all beds are made, and furniture is well organized. If you have the time, get a consultation from an interior decorator to help with the flow of the house.

Make sure all lights are working properly. The best photos have proper lighting, and it doesn’t hurt to have all working lights in your marketing photos.

Clear the driveway of any cars, and foliage. This gives the front of your house all the exposure it needs, and doesn’t draw the buyer’s eye away from what’s necessary.

It is best practice to walk through your house before the photographer arrives. Just a quick sweep of every room to make sure to make the process run quickly and smoothly. If it makes you feel comfortable, you can walk through the house with the photographer. They are typically professionals, and know what to look for, but they are always open to knowing what they may have missed.